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Report - Tranmere Deep Shelter Jan 2015


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28DL Full Member
After wanting to get into this place for years the chance came about and we lept at it. Apart from one of the shafts getting breached accidentally by builders in 2008, this place has been sealed for 30 years. No one has ever done a report on the place or photographed it properly until this week.
Myself, Trancentral, Rox and a couple of non members where not lucky enough to be the first in but we where not far behind.

This place was built round the same time as the Bidston Hill shelters but was built to hold a lot more people. Due to it being sealed for so long, it has many original features and has not been destroyed by generations of chavs.
One bad thing about the place is that it contains the most amount of Asbestos I have ever seen in my life. Some rooms where full of large sheets of it just stacked up and there was a fair bit broken on the floor. This place is nasty.

Tranmere contains one of the largest and most expensive WW2 air raid shelters in the country. It consists of a series of tunnels stretching to a total length of 6500ft and was designed to house up to 6000 people (many of them workers at the strategically important Cammell Laird shipyard) - however by the time they were completed, they were no longer needed as the threat of invasion has diminished. The tunnels were later used by the Ministry of food for storage, and were considered as a nuclear fallout shelter during the cold war era. The tunnels were finally sealed off in 1989 amid growing H&S concerns. The tunnels still exist however and building work in 2008 uncovered a shaft - allowing temporary exploration of them, before being sealed off again.


The map








Fellow explores that we met had left candles about the place. Sorry I didnt find out if you are members here.


What a night out that must have been




The corridors where all marked with big letters so I am not sure what these smaller ones meant.



This was the canteen counter. You would not want anything from there now. it is used to store loads of asbestos sheets!.


Looking up one of the shafts. There is a level at the top of these ladders with, what was a ventilation fan then another two ladders up to the concrete cap.






Door of Death!. This door which appears to consist of 80% Asbestos is the door to a small generator room. The generator is still in there but my photos of it turned out rubbish. You can see part of it through the door.


Inside one of the toilets. They seemed to be everywhere.


That is all. Thanks for looking.

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That is officially superb mate, I like it a lot. Like you say, it's in good condition and the signage has survived well.

The Kwan

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Absolutely brilliant, I too have been waiting on this place to open up, so I was really grateful for the Chance, sadly my lens farted and shit itself half way through the visit so didnt get too many pictures but just walking around this place was fascinating and I was really impressed with the floor paving but the roof is shocking in parts....ace pictures man :thumb


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28DL Full Member
Public now as it's all over Facebook & Flickr :wanker

It's no wonder these places don't last
They'll be some epic surreal HDR pics coming out of here now ....it"ll look like the "NAZIS" actually "BOMBED" it ;)

It'll be like Arkrights shop .......open all hours. For a day or two .

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