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Report - - UK ROADTRIP - May 2008 |

Report - UK ROADTRIP - May 2008

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
My first report since the re-opening of 28 days. So to start with a little story. Lost and myself decided to go on a road trip down to England in may. It was a long way and thanks again to Lost for doing all the driving:thumb We started off at dinner time and by 2 am with the wrong directions of the sat nav we found ourselves in a layby near Morpeth. After a few hours of sleeping in the car we headed on to St Georges.

Well unfortunately we could not find an easy enough access so just had a look round the exterior then were on our way. Next we headed onwards for St Marys and fortunately thanks to Gorecki we were in within minutes:) so here are some of my photos from there :-

Who's first..?


Ring Ring..Hello? Yes you do mullets?


Downstairs ward


Upstairs ward


Poor misty:rolleyes:


Main Hall


Projector room


Canteen/indoor garden


Love this corridor




Finally Admin


On exiting the mortuary we saw the security walking towards us with a ladder, they kindly asked us to leave so we did swiftly.

We were then on the road again, we went to Cherry Knowle but i bailed out of going inside as we heard smashing etc and didnt want to get the blame.

More driving and we arrived at High Royds, what an amazing site!! After seeing so many photos i was dying to get inside! Unfortunately it wasnt our day..we only found access to one small building which didnt lead anywhere as the corridor was sealed off:mad: we had a look round the outside but didnt gain access to anymore:(

We left Royds and headed for Hartlepool for the famous ghost ships, on arriving we went for a recce, wow!! is all i can say!! We decided to get a hotel as the car didnt seem like a good idea. Hotel booked, food ate and we were on our way for the ships. Well!!! More bad luck!!

We parked in the industrial estate, and headed for the ships, almost there and we saw security heading for the ships so we hid for a while. THEN we see a police van drive towards where the car is parked theeen it didnt come out:confused: oh dear! So we decided to go back to the car. On walking round to the car we were welcomed with the sight of 2 police officers from the nuclear station, one with an M16:eek: at this point i was bricking it, imagining spending the night in a cell, they asked us a heap of questions under the great new anti terrorist law!! Two blokes from the north east of Scotland! Terrorists?! anyway luckily they just took our details, done a lot of check ups then we were let go, pheeeeoow!!
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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member

AHHH a well earned sleep in a bed was goood, after a supermarket brekkie we were again on our way. We headed for Whittingham and on arrival were met by two security pricks in a van, they were going to call the police if we walked up a public footpath!! So we had to leave and only saw the back stripped section:( i was sooo gutted! Since being back Lost has received a letter from the police in Preston claiming we were inside the compound?! Anyway on the road again, more miles and we arrived at Lancaster Moor and were again met by some bad bad luck, into the grounds, round the front, two photos and there he was, a small bald security guard, we were rudely asked to delete our shots then he walked us off sight. He claimed that if we had asked before he would have allowed us on sight (yeah right)!!

Sooo on the road again and a long drive later we arrived at Inverkip, our original plan was to stay the night inside but after being caught near the Hartlepool power station i though it would be bad if we were also caught near or INSIDE another one in two days so we ended up near the beach in the car.

Night shot of Inverkip


6am breakfast overlooking Inverkip


We decided to do one more place that we were guaranteed access to, so we headed for Lennox Castle, here are a few shots, im glad i got to see it before the fire.

Main stairs


What a waste






Leaving shot


It was a good trip, saw some of the country i have'nt seen before, saw some sights but soooo gutted not to have gotten into most places. St Marys was great though and i saw my first mortuary. Thanks again Lost for all the driving etc:thumb
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