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Question - Underground Factories Sheffield?


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I'm told there is large workshops complete with equipment under several of the current businesses on Savile Street in Sheffield. Obviously very old and disused now, but have been told it was to allow important manufacturing to be able to continue in the event of bombing during the war.
I can see one of what I'm told is one of the entrances outside one of the buildings (it's large square opening in the ground, that apparently used to have steps leading down from it) and apparently there is at least one more entrance inside one of the operating companies, on their current workshop.
That entrance was only discovered during major over haul work and is now covered up again, with industrial equipment)
The story that has been passed down is that on discovery of the inside entrance, several people went down and found a very large workshop, spanning their building and the one next door, and it was full of old equipment.

I realise there are a lot of tunnels, shelters and underground 'spaces' around Sheffield and the country I'm just wondered if anyone had any knowledge of any on Savile Street.

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