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Report - - Union Carbide Sheffield, 02/05/06 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Union Carbide Sheffield, 02/05/06

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Visit with Raddog. We really did not see much of the factory itself, as there are pikey evreywhere, white vans driving around and the possibility of being shot with a BB gun!! We saw 2 lads nicking stuff, and a shady bloke with a hacksaw who ran away when he saw us!!!

I was disappointed there was no way up the water tower (the stairs have been gas cut) so we headed for the very retro welfare block, and the engineering dept. The welfare block houses the canteen main hall, showers and locker rooms which are vast. Their size gives an idea of what a large employer the site once was. Engineering is cool, full of labs and stuff!






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Re: Union Carbide Sheffield, REPORT

To sum up our visit here and the bad youths we found!

Crouching Pikeys, Hidden Scumbags

As we were going to get in this chav was legging it out with a bag of copper or something, next thing we find him and his mates hiding behind a tree stump! The other guy we disturbed was out thieving with his 8 year old(ish) daughter. :eek:

Security were active, but didn't seem to want to get out of their van...