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Report - - Union Carbide - 9/12/06 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Union Carbide - 9/12/06

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Visited with Unscene24,

Went in the hope of seeing the wellfare block and engineering block that we missed the last two times due to getting busted, i thought 3rd time lucky would do it...

We got to the entry and i was shocked, the big warehouse that suffered an arson attack was gone, so were the small buildings on the right hand side (including my favorite one - the power distrubution, with all the dials), and some other warehouses. Much of the scrap metal had been removed.
My hopes dropped like a lead ballon.
We walked down through the site having a another look inside the remaining buildings. Then there was the proof, a huge pile of lockers, that was it i knew straight away. We walked down toward the wellfare block and saw that it was half demolished - gutted, just a little too late :( .
Anyway we sneaked into what i presume was the engineering block, saw a machine that looked like it was used for testing load or tensile strength of material. On the way up stairs we heard loads of activity, looked through a crack, the air-soft dudes were there in the camo gear. Some guys that looked like pikeys along with kids, some car removal wagon guys, the place was heaving with activity.
We made our way upstairs and saw the fume extractors, then out top through the fire doors. Had a quick look around the huge silo building, and called it a day at that. Would have liked to see the huge building right at the bottom, but it looked like it was well secured and used to store huge cylidrical silos.

Dont think it will be long now untill the whole lot is gone, so if you really want to see what is left, be quick.

The small concrete buildings gone

Some stuff left by the airsoft guys

The lockers stripped from the welfare block


The huge silo

Is this inside the engineering block? Or a different building

Fume extractors





Thought this looked like a space invader

Tried a zoom burst on the space invader (quite like the effect)

Got a bit giddy with them in the low light