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Ushaw college may 2019 night


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the plan

We planned to visit the old farm house just down the road from the old college.. when we parked up just across the road mr angry pulled up and parked his car.. we waited to see if he was going to disappear into his house but he stayed outside watching us for a good 15 minutes.. we decided the farm was a no go as we was getting watched and didnt want to p**s mr angry off as it was nearly midnight so we got back into the car and headed to the old college hopfuly we could get in.

The college

We parked up at the old drive entrance at the bottom of the college then walked up the dark old road towards the old building... we scouted the area for sensors and cameras and mr security but to our surprise not even dicky bird was there it was very quite ***Great** we walked around the old building looking for a entrance and we found one :) (not saying where) we climbed through and we was in without any hassel.

We loooked around inside for a little bit then came back out as time was getting on.
We planning on coming back to get more pictures and do the buildings we didnt get to see..

Sorry about some of the pictures but i tried my best :) enjoy my post :)











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