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Report - Ushaw Moor College 29/11/08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited this nice old building today and wasn't disappointed. Went for a nosey last weekend and spent the week considering access etc. Bloody freezing cold day with lots of frost. This is an extensive building over two floors. Lovely little Chapel. It is currently resident to a range of wildlife, mostly birds. Met with a cutie little scrawny juvenile pigeon once inside, who seemed somewhat affronted at our presence. Bless!! Many of the rooms in the building are in darkness or empty, but its worth going just for the chapel and there are also a range of interesting items etc in other areas too. Not much paperwork etc left behind, mainly larger items and fixtures and fittings. Reacon the place has had builders in relatively recently also as some of their debris has been left behind. Floors all seem stable as do the staircases, so not too much fear of disappearing downwards never to be seen again. Some plant life has entered the building, which looks a bit mental. Anyway, here's the photies........

Sewing Machine which looked like it was about to start working.


Up these stairs were some loo's.


Quality roof lighting.


Long corridor running most of the length of the building. There is 'No Running Allowed'!! Take heed!!!


Assuming this is some sort of wheelchair....very spooky....wonder whose it was....


The Chapel. Beautiful windows, marble, pews, organ, etc. In great condition in the main. Best bit of the whole building.


Could just hear someone tinkling away on this.



The front of the Chapel, with various biblical statues etc.


Great windows, great light. Needed to duck when we heard a car pull up outside. Had tripod fully extended (the noisiest tripod in the world!!). Footsteps....engine left running.....more footsteps.......drove away.......came back........turned off engine.........silence.........entered 'stealth mode', exited Chapel to less visible area...........minimised noisy we went........came back to Chapel later to finish shots as couldn't miss out on the Bible shot....


Radiator on wall, first floor.


'Fire Door, Keep Closed'


Another radiator, first floor.


The technology of the time!!


Great big Hall, first floor. Dining room perhaps? Floorboards lifted to get at electricity wires, most of which had been cut.


Ancient smokes.


Bible shot which returned to Chapel for.


Chapel again....was starting to get dark outside at this point, and a tad spooky!! Good job we had our trusty Maglite to lead the way (and if 'sorry, we're leaving now' doesnt work on the security you can always hit them with it!


External view as we were leaving. This building is quite something on the outside.


Then it was off home for a cuppa and a tasty shortbread and to defrost our frost bitten toes.
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