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Report - Ushaw Seminary and Swimming baths 08/2016

karl k

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28DL Full Member
Firstly I would just like to say I have been to this location many of times over the years and went back recently to take some pictures, I didn't take a tripod with me so the shots I could take where pretty limited due to it being really dark in there.
I managed to get onto the roof through the secret hatch and into the little turret thing on the front of the building for a shot.

I think everyone knows the history on the building but on a more serious note this place has really went downhill, The state of the structure and overall quality of the building is really really bad as we all know it was a free for all in there you could walk in and out of the building from every angle and on my recent visit it had all been closed up with actual steel doors and steel framing welded up to the windows and its more for your own safety now. The swimming baths was a lovely place for pictures now it's so unstable the roof is caving in. so if you plan to visit this place just watch where your standing and what your standing on.

Thanks for having a read through and stay safe! - Karl













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Nice pic's - you're braver than me climbing into that turret with the way all the stairs and floors are!

So which part is now secure and alarmed?

karl k

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28DL Full Member
Nice pic's - you're braver than me climbing into that turret with the way all the stairs and floors are!

So which part is now secure and alarmed?
well every window is now boarded up and behind the boards is a metal frame that has been welded up to re enforce the boards. without going into detail there is only 1 way in and one way out so we got into the building through that way and on our exit we climbed out to find 3 police men and undercover policeman dressed in plain clothes with a camera bag and a walky talky and a police dog. We where talking away for around 30 minutes until they had fully checked us over and they where saying how the security is getting really tight here due to recent damages IE roofs caving in and damage to the structure which has been done with a hammer i would imagine is that bad in some places and how they have set up silent alarms, i laughed it off and he said " no really! they have spent a lot of money securing the premises and protecting it"

So basically in a short frame of time the place has been absolutely abused and in a few rooms the whole ceilings come down due to people chucking stuff up at the ceiling it is in a real bad state.

and this will be my last visit to ushaw.

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