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thanks for posting though there are a few things to consider:
1. reports on the forum should include a month and year in the title. This is so people can see the condition of a location from a certain year and know if photos are old or recent.
2. Some of your photos are duplicates. You can hit the preview button before posting a report to check that you haven't posted the same image twice.
3. Some of the images are such poor quality or blurred that they really have no value in the report. Less is more generally and I would recommend posting half as many photos but using the best images to show off a location and keep the report interesting.
4. It also always helps to include some history of the place or at least an account of the explore otherwise its just a collection of photos without any real context.


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^ beat me too it.

Have a look at other threads on this place to get an idea of what a properly formatted thread looks like.

Again not a bad start, just needs a bit more work before hitting the post button :thumb

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