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Report - - Victoria Tunnel Newcastle 01/02/08 | Underground Sites |

Report - Victoria Tunnel Newcastle 01/02/08

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Northern Exposure

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
This could have also been posted in either Industrial or in Military as originally the tunnel was built to transport coal from Spital Tongues colliery in the 1840's but was later converted into a massive two mile long air-raid shelter during the second world war.
Much of the tunnel is original however, there is additional tarmac floor, pre-cast concrete blast walls every 100m and public entrances (now bricked up) at various locations along its route. There is also a section that has been lined with reinforced concrete as it passes a near-by metro line (What a noise and vibration as a metro passes by :thumb),
I was accompanied by xm657 who was a very knowledgeable guide and other than the almost comedy exit, we had no problems with bad air etc.

On with the pictures..

Rusted old bike wheel near the entry point


One of the many blast walls along the tunnel


One of the public entry points near the Hancock museum





The only section of rail track left


Remnants of seating, there is evidence of these the entire length of the tunnel. Just imagine this place full of women and children, 3 in the morning bitter cold with only dim lighting while above the rumble of aeroplanes dropping bombs. Pretty grim stuff.


The reinforced section runs for about 200m before a open sewer discharges the brown stuff. As far as I wanted to go :eek:



Messing with light


All in all an enjoyable 3 hours down there. Definitely worth a look if you are local or visiting the area.

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