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Report - Victoria Under Ground/Walkers Croft, Manchester, Feb 2010


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Manchester Victoria Station Underground Part II/Walkers Croft, Visited By Ojay, Gone & Rookie.


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Three tunnels were discovered in 1972 underneath Victoria Station close to the present entrance to the car park on Long Millgate.
They were found during test borings for the proposed Picc-Vic Tunnel near Millgate by number one platform, which was known as the fish dock.

Entry was once down a concrete shaft to a wooden platform, which led to passages which you can now see have been backfilled with concrete and
debris. The tunnels lead down to the Irk under the station, I visited this section a few weeks ago whilst exploring Optimus Prime and the weir deep below the station. Both coal and cattle were transported here along with minerals by tub or sledge from mines at Ardwick & Collyhurst.

Twenty feet below the stations platforms is also the wooden cattle bridge, which linked Long Millgate with Walkers Croft, you can see both internals and externals of this below.

At the other end of the bridge, which sadly is locked is a 30 foot block of sandstone. The station also occupies Walkers Croft which was once the
site of a 19th century church and graveyard linked to a nearby Victorian workhouse. It is here that hundreds of poor families are believed to have
been buried under the station, many falling victim to the cholera epidemics of the mid-19th century.

Also remains of a 'Pacer' diesel multiple unit which was badly damaged when it rolled away on the Edgehill, Liverpool Lime Street line on 8th August 1991. It was withdrawn from service after the accident.



Inside the Cattle Bridge

Weir Below the station (Optimus Prime)




Behind the scenes



Debris in Front of one of the sealed subway tunnels

Sealed Tunnel



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