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Report - Wakerley Kiln towers, Northants, Sep13

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Visited these Kilns with King Mongoose on the way back from somewhere else. Their size is impressive, but they are in poor condition., but to be fair, they do date back to WW1.
These kilns were built in 1915 by prisoners of war for the roasting of iron ore from the adjacent opencast mine. This was then used to make iron, which was to be shipped away on the adjacent Peterborough to Market Harborough line (now abandoned.) The opencast mine was closed in 1921 as the seam was not as profitable as originally thought. It seems that the kilns were never used, in fact two of the four were never completed. Evidence of the loading ramps and wagon way also survive close to the kilns.
They are grade II listed.


their size can be appreciated here:





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