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War Plan UK (Paladin Bks.) (Paperback)
by Duncan Campbell
# Paperback: 445 pages
# Publisher: Granada (24 Nov 1983)
# ISBN: 0586084797

In many ways War Plan UK could be described as son of "Beneath the City Streets". Duncan Campbell pays tribute to Peter Laurie's earlier work, and greatly expands on it. It catalogues most of the sites of interest to people researching the cold war and is still the definitive work over a decade after it was first published.

This kind of book was mighty fashionable in the early 1980s but the excitement seems to have died down. Duncan Campbell's blockbuster revelation follow-up, Secret Places, was announced several years ago but has never appeared. The first edition lacks an index, but is of higher print quality than the second, which makes a significant difference to the legibility of some maps and drawings.

An absolute must buy for children of the 'Protect and Survive' era.
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