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Worth bearing in mind; NHS plan to prosecute.


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"Now Royal Stoke bosses have expressed their disappointment that vital NHS resources are having to be spent on CCTV and security patrols at the site rather than on NHS care."

Here's just a wild idea. Why not spend the money they are wasting on an empty site on the hospital that is barely fit for purpose. Its laughable. They are paying for security on a building which is empty when the main hospital is desparate for more beds and staff to cover the patients they have that they cant handle.

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"We have already had the site removed from one urban explorer website. ”

I wonder which site that was? Anyone know?

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Who are these "urban explorers" breaking in & causing damage?
I could of swore our code was to not cause damage. Maybe their press needs to be reworded stating that "vandals & thieves" are costing them the money!


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Funnily enough I was talking to a friend who lives just around the corner from this place last week and they'd heard a rumour that it was to be be demolished early part of next year. Apparently there are still issues with Asbestos and some of the roof tiles have residual radioactivity from the clay they were originally made from !

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Radioactive isotopes are naturally occurring and found in pretty much every soil and clay around the world. Some have higher concentrations than others, so some building materials will naturally be slightly higher in radioactivity than others.