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Report - - Wenallt Anti Aircraft Operations Room (AAOR) Bunker, Cardiff - 2016 | Military Sites |

Report - Wenallt Anti Aircraft Operations Room (AAOR) Bunker, Cardiff - 2016

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
The explore:

Was in the area so stopped by briefly to see what was left of the place. Having previously read that it had been trashed, my expectations were not very high.

When I arrived I wondered around the exterior until I managed to establish a means of entry. Once inside I found a couple cool looking machines but otherwise the place was pretty much stripped empty, with a lot of graffiti and fire damage.

Having literally gained access my torch stopped working so I had to use my phone to take photos and for light which was not ideal, but I was in now so what could I do.

I have added a few of the least shit photos.

Cheers for looking!​

Brief History

Anti-Aircraft Operations Rooms (AAORs) or Gun Operations Rooms (GORs) as they were known during the second world war owe their origin to the Air Defence of Great Britain (ADGB) organisation of the late 1930’s. (The name change occurred during the 1942 re-organisation of AA Command with both titles being in common usage).

Later the former AAOR became the main BT war headquarters for Wales. The distinctive curved glass galleries were stripped out, and new dormitories, air conditioning, canteen etc., were installed in the 1970s but the work was abandoned before completion and the bunker is now disused although the adjacent BT radio site remains in service.



Stairs leading to the 2nd floor within the bunker



Blocked up entrance (huge concrete block in front of steel doors)

Exterior shot

Gold coloured ventilation shift





Looking at the wall within the large central room

Fire damaged corridor


Bajo Tierra
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Nice to see it open again, nothing inside worth seeing these days but worth a look if passing.
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Its not so bad. Theres one over this way thats been abandoned years and is never open when i go look.