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Report - Wenallt Anti Aircraft Operations Room (AAOR), Cardiff


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Had a poor start to the day (Llandaff Sub Control was locked up tight :( and I couldn't for the life of me find the ROC Post at Clydach :confused) so I thought I'd have a look at this...

Really didn't like this at all - approach is through undergrowth into woods with increasing evidence of chav/pikey activity until you turn a corner and suddenly you're right at the bunker. Not been to one of these before so was quite surprised by the size of the thing. It looms out of the woods and is a real monolith..

Inside is trashed and also pitch black - the way the internal walls are constructed near the entrance means that no natural light gets in at all.

Realised a couple of things 1) Need something more powerful than a crappy Petzel headtorch 2) Need a back up light 3) Very easy to lose sense of direction in multiple rooms / corridors when you can only see a foot in front of your face 4) really wouldn't want to get caught by the chavheads in that environment...