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Report - White Rocks complex and others, Malta

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Been over to Malta a couple of times and heard many rumours and legends of catacombs etc. To be honest I've not found a great deal of that going on, but I did find these... Hard not to really as the first one is alongside the main road on the north western tip of Malta.

It's a sprawling oceanside complex of maybe 400-500 holiday apartments and rooms. Built on rock, they're divided into blocks of maybe ten or so rooms, some with garage blocks attached too. The whole lot has been architecturally stripped, which is a shame, plus the Maltese use it as a dumping ground due to the road system that runs throughout...

The main reception building is quite cool with an abandoned pool and the usual areas. From what little information I can find out about the place, I think it used to be an English military holiday camp or somesuch... It's bizarre really, because it looks to be in a pretty prime location with easy access. Anybody know 'owt?

Anyway, here's some pics. Only had about 15mins there, so sorry for the poor quality pics. Hope you like...






Also found this huge unfinished hotel, but the picture was taken through a wire fence, and once again time meant this is all I got.


This was taken leaning over a high gate into a theme park on the north side. Looked like a great place, but yeah you guessed it... Keep on moving. So sorry there's not a great deal of exploration going on. :eek: