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Report - Whitley Bridge Mill, Eggborough - Dec 2020


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Whitley Bridge Flour Mill

Whitley Bridge Mill was originally built in 1870s by John and Thomas Croysdale. Powered by electricity and steam, the mill utilised roller milling, a technique that had revolutionised the flour industry. For more than 100 years the mill was owned by James Bowman & Sons Ltd. Bowmans ceased operations at the mill in 2016 after making the decision to move away from flour milling, and the mill was subsequently closed.

I can't remember what we failed but we did and ended up here with it nearby. Recently, I've noticed it getting quite hard to recount the tales from these places because it takes a while to share them and plus, we're quite sad and do a lot of trespass in between. We were curious after exploring Hovis Solent 6 months prior to see the difference in an older building of the same purpose. Despite boasting loud sensors that triggered a howling alarm, the structure was simple to enter and we spent a couple hours inside, before getting discouraged by the amount of rats. There was hundreds! And a fair few girly screams to accompany them...

Beginning with the roller floor, filled with immovable machines.

A lone roller on the floor above.


Here is the link to our documentary styled video, comparing this mill to Hovis Solent in Southampton. We cover the building's past, present and future through cinematics and narration:

Thanks for reading :)


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Very nice report. I seem to remember trying this and it had loads of cameras all over the place, looked new too.

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Nice imagery of the place.
Went here recently and the amout of rats here is overwhelming now. It's like a squeaky rat sex fest in there.
I explore anywhere I can & know I'm not far away from a rat, but I've a proper phobia of them, I'm talking; cant move, heart palpations, sweating, shaking, and it doesn't matter if their dead or alive, on tv or a film, cartoon or not. If I've had an encounter, people I'm with have to physically pull me away. Yet I will relive it in my dreams that night and do what the family call the death scream lol.

Calamity Jane

i see beauty in the unloved, places & things
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On a different note, fab report, great shots, I do like this place, but I would never go now, after KPs comment

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