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Report - - Wilton Mills, Hawick - January 2009 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Wilton Mills, Hawick - January 2009

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Oxygen Thief

Staff member
Visited with Turk and Dweeb.

We were just passing through Hawick on our way home and at a set of raffic light saw this mill up ahead, I reckon we would have missed it otherwise. The light was failing fast and there was only one thing that had to be done... the clock tower...

The clock mechanism is the best there is, it still works on the pendulum and is really smooth...


All four faces in one picture... camera perched on a piece of wood over the hatch... imminent fail-bill...


Then we had a wander around the two main buildings. One has been chopped up by the council and has been used as offices. The other seems to be a ground floor conversion to a shop, and above that its stripped, with no access to the tower.

Then the light disappeared before I got any good externals, I think Dweeb has one though...