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Report - Winchcombe Hospital, Gloucestershire - April 2015


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Winchcombe Hospital, Gloucestershire.

So here's another mediocre Cotswolds hospital for you guys.


A comprehensive history is hard to come by, but here's what a cursory browse threw up. I'm sure huey will put something better together as part of his desparate quest for likes..

Built in the early 1900's, on a site near to the old Tobacco fields of the 17th Century, Winchcombe Hospital was originally a private house owned by one Mrs Bird. It first became a hospital in 1926, before passing to the NHS in 1948. As a NHS cottage hospital, there were 11 day nurses, 6 night nurses, 7 doctors, 5 domestic staff, 2 cooks and 1 porter. The hospital had 22 beds, although no children under 13 were permitted to stay overnight in the Hospital, instead being transfered to Cheltenham. The hospital had 5 wards with 4 beds in each, and 2 single wards. It also had a small operating theatre which dealt with minor operations. A well-equipped physiotherapy unit served Winchcombe and the surrounding area.

Despite being a much loved local hospital, it was closed in December 2008 amidst significant local outcry. The vacant building was then used to store clinical equipment until 2012, when it was placed on the market. In March 2013, it was announced that the hospital had been sold to local businessman David Attwood (who owns the house adjacent to the hospital) for £2.25 million in order to protect the site from development, as well as to improve access to his home. It's future remains uncertain.
Okay, perhaps I'm being unfair to the place. After that ghastly Moreton Cottage Hospital we visited a few months back I had low expectations, but in fairness this place was reasonably dated and there were enough curiosities left behind to make it worthwhile. It was also nice to see inside after 6 years of trying as it's always been as tight as a drum; fortunately, matey boy has removed the boards since buying it (presumably so he doesn't have to look at an eyesore every time he wafts up the world's most expensive driveway) and so we were presented with a nice easy way in.

I should probably warn you that it has become part of some millionaires back garden, literally, so anyone visiting should bear that in mind (not that I'm expecting people to flock here, although somewhat astonishingly 3 groups messaged me about that Moreton shithole..)

Verdict? Meh, but a reasonable wander with good company. Besides, anywhere with turd brown NHS signs, floral curtains and working operating theatre lights is worth a look in my book.



The wards themselves weren't exactly dynamic mind:





Kitchens and clinics:




Beautiful stained glass windows in the water closet:


Most of the bathrooms were shit but I did appreciate the avocado green shower cubicle with a roof. Reminded me of one of those crazy Japanese pod things.


And to be fair, the hospital wasn't as devoid of olsdchool touches as I had feared.



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Not too bad that clebster. You're doing yourself down mate ;)
Could really do with that spud peeler mind, save me fooking hours...........:thumb