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Report - Wispers School for Girls, Haslemere 25/10/09


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Marc.

Our 3rd site of today and what a corker! I'd tried this with my housemates a couple of days earlier but we were thwarted by a horsey woman in a jeep who got very angry and told us to go back to where we came from. I don't think she had Brightonians before. We were all dressed as skeletons eating vegan cupcakes and playing Alisha's Attic very loud out the car windows.

Soooo.....me and Marc went back today and I was scared we would see horse woman again but she was probably out buying organic carrots for her horses. We found a way in very quickly which I really wasn't expecting and had a fantastic time! It was getting dark quickly so apologies for some wibbly dark pictures :p

Here's a bit of history about the school which only closed recently. The website is really sad, it looked like a really nice place to board :(

Wispers Concludes 60 Years of Secondary Education

Wispers School for Girls, which moved to Haslemere from Chichester almost 40 years ago and was founded in Midhurst in 1947, has announced its closure from the end of the summer term 2008.

The Governors intend to establish a Wispers Education Trust to assist girls' education through the provision of bursaries to pupils who would otherwise be unable to benefit from independent education.

Wispers has educated several thousands of girls from the ages of 11 to 18. It was described by the Independent Schools Inspectorate last year as having 'many strengths', giving its pupils 'a broad and effective educational experience at all phases of their school life'. It was also praised for its 'excellent links forged with the local and wider communities' and for the 'outstanding quality of relationships between staff and pupils'.

However, Mr John Parker, President, said "We are saddened that the difficulties facing small schools in budgeting for ever increasing costs has resulted in this decision to close. Wispers' small size has been one of its strengths because of the sense of community and friendliness which it fosters, but its size also makes it vulnerable when single-sex girls' schools are under increasing pressure from the trend towards co-education and when the demand for boarding is in decline.

"Wispers is proud that for 60 years it has been faithful to its fundamental principles of providing an excellent education and encouraging the development of responsible, happy and independent young women. Through the education trust that we intend to establish, the school motto, 'Fortiter, Fideliter, Feliciter: Faithfully, Bravely, Happily' will continue to be both remembered and relevant in the future."

Mr Parker continued: "Wispers' pupils have willingly accepted, as a core aim, a duty to serve others and they have done this both during the school years and in adult life. Academically, it has been a source of pride that the school has been recognised in particular for its high achievement in music, science and modern languages and that for many years our sixth form students have enjoyed a 100% entry to prestigious universities including Oxford and Cambridge. We have actually been most successful in finding places at the most suitable schools and in assisting staff in seeking positions elsewhere."

















Uggg blurry photo but just to show you there was a piano there:)


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