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Report - - Woolen & Co Sign Writers - Sheffield 13/4/08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Woolen & Co Sign Writers - Sheffield 13/4/08

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Woollens Signs was founded in 1883, and is still in business today, although these premises have been closed and they have moved elsewhere.
A nice little relaxed explore was had and there were loads to see and have a sift through. Looking through the scale drawings and photos in the portfolio, it seems they have made a sign for almost everywhere you look. I did not realise tey were so big. It seems they had a big deal with Bass, for public house signage as theres loads of stuff for them. Sifting through the drawings brought back many memories of how Sheffield looked in the 80`s.

Anyhows heres the piccys.

External. Signage in neon tubing

More neons

Paint mixes for different signs around the city


Just a couple of windows

Not yet hand painted


A strange technicolour paint wart

Wooden lettering for pub signage

Robin Hood pattern


Old school Kennings

Mini Van :thumb


Some photos from their portfolio

This has now gone

BIG Sign

At night


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