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Report - Worhing Aquarena, September 2016

Mitch Fogle

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History: The Worthing Aquarena was buily in the 1960's and closed in 2013. In Febuary 2013 a new leisure centre and pool was built directly next door. The Auqarena was demolished in Febuary of 2018 and now is nothing more than a dirt pile holding past memories. The future plan is building a 15 story high rise along with residential living spaces and local new cafes

The Explore: I had explored this place in September 2016 (unfortunately exploring motivation decreased after this so apologies for the late post) me and a buddy of mine were just coming back from an explore and walked past this beauty and figured let's give it a go. At this point everything was sealed up, windows, door, stairwells so getting in didn't seem likely. We managed to climb up a pile of old pallets at the side of the building which got up up on the second floor where there was an open door with a lock. Seeing as it qasnt broken open and building equipment, we knew we didn't have long to get in and leave. Upon entering it clear getting anywhere past the stairwell would be a challenge as builders were in various locations of the building. Managing to get past them, we headed down to the main pool site which was the only area we managed to explore before being caught. I wish we had more time to explore the place and capture the beauty of every corner.




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