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Report - - Yeovil ROC Group 9 HQ, Somerset | ROC Posts |

Report - Yeovil ROC Group 9 HQ, Somerset

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too old to be reckless
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Furthest point on roadtrip for me along with lesbub, citadelmonkey and minty447 was the former Group 9 ROC HQ at Yeovil. I've been meaning to do this for a while. Looks like we are almost too late as the buildings in the compound have been removed for housing and only the concrete bunker remains, shorn of its grass roof (see here for a rather more representative view and site history).

Taken in a similar spot to the photo on the link above.

Standing on the roof

The front door was sealed shut but we found the emergency exit shaft open

Well...... at the top anyway. The lower door was welded shut.

Bugger again !

So with curtains twitching wildly we decided to give up and head back to Chilmark ...... see citadel's post for a report.