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Report - York ROC HQ ( Yorkshire Group )


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I have not got a tripod yet so a few of my photos were too blurry. But here a few that are ok so I hope they are of interest:

The York bunker, opened in 1961, stood down in 1991. One of 29 such bunkers, part of a network of semi secret posts manned and primed specifically to observe and monitor nuclear attack.
Bunker is over three levels, built into a slope, constructed by cut and cover, brick tanked and covered with 3ft of earth to protect against fallout.
Most notably it has a device call AWDREY ( Automatic Weapons Detection Recognition and Estimation of Yield ) fitted in the 70's which could record and send details of a blast before the bunker was flattened. One of only 4 remaining of 8 installed in the country. The internals of the unit are still classifed and have been removed.
It's worth a visit, guided tours by English Heritge.


The radio aerial attatched to a telescopic mast was a later addition.


On the door as you go down.


Post display plotters stations in the operations room.


Telephone exchange with sheilded SX2000 cabinet on left.


Compressed air tank for sewerage ejection system.



No decent photos of the plant room I'm afraid - sorry. :wanker


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