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  1. Bando Exploration

    General - The Claughton Centre, Dudley, Apr 21

    History The Claughton Centre which was formerly known as the Sir Gilbert Claughton school was also originally a school Dudley Upper Standards School when it opened in 1904 until 1957 when it came under the name the Sir Gilbert Claughton school who had been the mayor of Dudley at this time. The...
  2. PlanetClare

    Report - Liverpool school for the deaf - July 2020

    Liverpool school for the deaf - opened in 1887. Relocated in the 1980s, the building was used as a community centre and bar until 2007. It has been abandoned ever since. The chapel really is beautiful, however somebody has clearly made the community centre part their home, so I felt a bit rude...
  3. ForgottenProductions

    Video - Massive Abandoned Highschool | Ontario, Canada

    This abandoned high school is located in Northern Ontario, Canada. Left for decay after the province built a more modern and even larger school to accommodate the growing population in the area. We take you inside this amazing location and show you science labs with specimens, lecture halls and...
  4. MarkusCP87

    Abandoned School near me

    Got a few shots of a school that has been closed for over 20 years, always wanted to explore it finally got in there!!!
  5. Camy

    Report - Krishna - Indre et Loire- France

    Abandonned Krishna site in France
  6. PerryGoesPlaces


    History: I don't know too much history on this place but that it closed down in 2010 because they wanted to make a new modern school building, they built the new school literally next to the old one and just left the old school to decay. The Explore: I had heard about kids hanging out at the...
  7. eddsup

    Report - Old School House, Fowley Cross, Okehampton, Devon, June 2018

    Don’t have any history on this one I’m afraid. Went before and was boarded up, came again recently as going past and could get access. It was an old school house, not very big. It had two entrances at each end of the building which would of been separate entrances for boys and girls. Outside...
  8. PerryGoesPlaces

    Report - Epping Junior School, Epping, Essex - June 2018

    This is my first post so I am sorry in advance if this isn't exactly what people expect to see on here. History: I have researched online and asked around but there seems to be very little history on this place, all I have been able to gather was that the school closed in 2009 and moved to...
  9. Enda O Flaherty

    Disused School Houses in Ireland

    Hi all - This is my first post to the forum, so please excuse any lack of etiquette due to ignorance. For the past few years I've been photographing disused school houses in Ireland: I've compiled everything into a blog which may or may not be of interest to you. I guess I focus on rurex rather...
  10. Xplorography

    Video - Sion Hill Middle School - Kidderminster

    If your from Kidderminster, Then you've probably heard of the abandoned middle school at the top of Sion Hill, or "Mush Mountain" as my girlfriend likes to call it. This place is used quite often by the Airsoft group "First & Only". Me and Cam thankfully went on a day that they weren't there, as...
  11. Xplorography

    Video - Longlands School - Stourbridge - May 2017/September 2017

    Welcome back, so this is Longlands school in Stourbridge. This is the 2nd place that I've explored. Again I don't know a lot of the history and didn't take many pictures. the history that I do know about this place it that it was used as an all girls school which opened in 1912 and closed in...