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Report - Stamford Arms, Little Bollington - June 2018


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June 2018

So this one has been on the to do list for a long time and after many failed attempts over the last few years I finally managed to get it done, not much history exists on this place despite it being a popular venue in its heyday. It was last open to customers under the name 'Home' which operated from February 2007 until July 2012 when it suddenly closed, a sign on the door [Photo 3] dated July 2013 suggests that the pub is to reopen following a refurbishment. However this appears to no longer be the case due to several eviction notices placed around the property. That lovely smell of cold hits you the moment you walk in, after years of neglect the pub is in a pretty poor state with damp on every wall and a swimming pool in the cellar.

The pub is currently on the market for £1 Million: http://www.fawleywatsonbooth.com/available-properties/lymm/little-bollington-home-previously-known-as-stamford-arms.html

























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Choo Choo m8ty

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Quite nice that m8ty..


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We nearly got caught by security trying to get in here. :( lots of talking alarms and PIRs


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Used to go when it was a beefeater 30 years ago sad to see what's happened it was always packed in them days..

C V Bennett

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I felt that I must make it clear that there is plenty of interesting history regarding this public house. My late father Alexander Bennett who was the landlord for many years, had the very first private security company in the UK, set up from these premises after the end of WW2 and also a horse riding school, which gave experienced riders a chance to hack out in the countryside as well , anyway if you need to search more on this information go to Pathe Archives and type his name in.

C V Bennett

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I have just read online via the Warrington Guardian, that this public house was sold privately after an auction had taken place in Salford for public houses which have been vacant for some years, so anyway I did wonder who had purchased the premises ? anyhow I do hope they restore the property also surroundings back to their former glory and respect the valuable history it has attached to it many decades ago and maybe turn it into a boutique hotel for paying guests to enjoy the countryside views and easy access to all major road networks.

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