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  1. S

    Report - Beacon Ritz Bingo Hall-Ilkeston-March 2023.

    History The Ritz Cinema was constructed for Ritz (Ilkeston) Ltd., independent exhibitors, and was designed in a modern Art Deco style by Nottingham-based architect Reginald W.G. Cooper. This was Cooper’s seventh cinema design project. The cinema opened on May 20, 1938, with Barbara Stanwick’s...
  2. Lotusisok

    Report - The Royalty Cinema Birmingham - April 2023

    (as of 16/04/23) The Royalty Cinema in Birmingham is an abandoned and collapsed cinema in Harborne Birmingham. Originally opened in 1930, the cinema closed in 1963 before it reopened as a bingo club in 2010, where it remained open until 2012. The building suffered a minor fire in 2017, and a...
  3. Hessian

    Lead or Rumour info - Hastings Bingo Hall to Close After More Than 40 Years



    COLCHESTER ODEON/REGAL CINEMA HISTORY The original Odeon cinema in Colchester was formerly known as the 'Regal Cinema'. It was designed by Mr. Cecil Masey, whom was well known architect that specialised in the cinema industry, The Regal was built in cc1931. The structure has a Spanish-style...
  5. GRONK

    Report - The Queens Arcade, Rhyl - August 2021

    August 2021 The Visit Okay, so before I go any further with the report, let my say that I wasn't planning on posting this one up, as far as I am concerned I left it way too late. However I have seen I the question pop up in L&R a few times as to whether someone had managed to tick this one off...
  6. T

    Report - ABC (Granada) Cinema - Maidstone - 2018

    ABC Cinema, formerly known as Granada Theatre was a permanent fixture at the bottom of Lower Stone Street, in Maidstone, Kent. There are a few other reports of the same location, and I thought i'd post some of my own images well to add to the collection. The building itself is reasonably...
  7. Unsympathetica

    Report - Dadong Theater, Zhongli, Taiwan - July 2020

    Theatres are to Taiwan what mills are to the North of England - wherever you are in the country (yes, I said country), there’s almost guaranteed to be one close at hand to have a poke around in. Much like in the West, home media, shopping-centre based multiplexes, and the expensive transition to...
  8. Mr Sam

    Report - The Ritz - Ilkeston - July '20

    10 minute walk from the front door and it took me a year to even realise this was closed and derp because the amount of times i venture into town in the evening i can honestly remember picking someone up from here with 2 inch of snow on the ground, next time I'm there in the dark I'm climbing...
  9. Seffy

    Report - The Majestic Cinema, Cradley Heath (Birmingham) - Oct 2018

    The Majestic Cinema, Cradley Heath Another from the archives. Visited with @WhoDaresWins and Callum who has been inactive for so long his account has gone. After a long day looking at a few bits around Birmingham, and failing at every single one, we were getting a bit low on morale. This was...
  10. jakedavi

    Report - Abandoned ODEON Cinema - Northend, Portsmouth.

    ODEON Cinema - Northend, Portsmouth. I'm a photography addict and am fairly new to Urban Exploration. I find it so interesting to see history of places you either visited as a child or places so old like WW2 shelters. Me and a friend decided to visit the old Abandoned Odean Cinema in...
  11. PerryGoesPlaces


    After exploring this place with @Smiffyboi last summer. You can find his post here: We had this sudden urge to wan't to explore it again. However, the only entrance to the building had been boarded up since last Summer...
  12. PerryGoesPlaces

    Video - Odeon Cinema, Harlow - August 2018

    Having been inside this building most of last Summer with my mates, I wasn't into taking pictures and recording then but now I am I thought I would give the Cinema a revisit. My fellow exploring partner @Smiffyboi uploaded a post on here last summer which received a lot of attention and is most...
  13. GRONK

    Report - Theatr Ardudwy, Harlech - July 2018

    July 2018 The ’Theatr Ardudwy’ is a large Brutalist theatre building that was designed by Colony Foulkes & Partners and opened in 1973, the building is located within the grounds of Coleg Harlech, an Adult Education Centre which closed its doors in February 2017 following years of financial...
  14. GRONK

    Report - The New Plaza Cinema, Crewe - June 2016

    June 2016 This place has had many names over the years The Plaza, The Gaunt, The Apollo and finally the M Club. The place has been on my list for a long time and with the Demo crews moving in on the site this week I decided it was time to pay it a visit. Visited with @Shimmy5305 a few times...