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Report - ABC (Granada) Cinema - Maidstone - 2018


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ABC Cinema, formerly known as Granada Theatre was a permanent fixture at the bottom of Lower Stone Street, in Maidstone, Kent. There are a few other reports of the same location, and I thought i'd post some of my own images well to add to the collection.

The building itself is reasonably discrete from the outside, appearing to be a part of the larger Gala-Bingo building that stood within the same building.
Access itself to this building seemingly comes and goes over time, but generally entry is quite difficult unless a specific entrypoint is available.

Once you step into the building, the first thing you'll notice is the noise from Gala Bingo itself, and lots of pigeons (not all of which are alive). You'll find lots of almost intact old movie posters, and in one of the rooms there are large amounts of documents sprawled out over the floor.
Other than that, it's a reasonably normal cinema inside, with one notable exception, it is possible to step out of the Windows at the front of the building (see Google Street View here) and look down on pedestrians and drivers, the building has stood vacant for such a long time that no one ever looks up at you, even if you make noise.