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  1. tobytron

    Report - Methodist church central hall - Birmingham - March/24

    This place has been featured on this site multiple times before but the latest report I can find on it was in 2018. I thought I would give it a write up despite my sub-par camera as an update as the building has undergone some changes in the last 6 years. History (Shameless wikipedia copy...
  2. MK83

    Report - Padeswood Hall - Buckley, North Wales - October 2023

    Padeswood Hall was built around 1865 by William Fiddler the owner of Padeswood Colliery. It seems to have been his residence until the closure of the colliery around 1900. From that point there isn't a lot of info on the place other than a couple of references to other private residents of the...
  3. Brackkkn

    Report - Teddesley Hall Stables (Staffordshire) - June 2022

    Thought I'd post a few pics of a visit myself and a non member friend visited last year, as I haven't seen a post on here as of yet. A brief history of the hall, grabbed from the Internet: Teddesley Hall was built some time between 1742 and 1754 by Sir Edward Littleton, 4th baronet, and was...
  4. MK83

    Report - Bontddu Hall - Dollgelau, North Wales - October 2022

    An update post on this place, It was very popular a couple of years ago but we never got round to seeing it. We happened to be staying nearby for the night and always fancied a look so went for mooch around. Attempts have been made to secure it recently by the looks and every interior door is...
  5. JakeV50

    Report - The Old Village Hall: Westwick, Norfolk. September 2021

    Westwick Village Hall Whilst hunting for local places to visit, I came across an online forum that briefly mentioned that there may be a derelict village hall in a little place called Westwick. I've lived in Norfolk my entire life and had never heard of this place. It has a total inhabitance...
  6. MK83

    Report - Llanbedr Hall - Ruthin, North Wales - February 22

    History - The earliest records we can find of the hall date back to around 1630 when it was owned by John Thelwall. It stayed in the Thelwall family until 1811 when it was sold to Rev. Roger Clough, he then sold it to Joseph Ablett in 1831. Joseph Ablett was a justice of the peace and high...
  7. MK83

    Report - Woolton Hall - Liverpool - May 2021 - Permission visit

    We've wanted a look at this for a while and with us having our lad with us today we thought this would be a good one to take him too. The caretaker is more than happy to let people explore it so we armed our lad with our old bridge camera so he could get involved and went for a mooch. It's...
  8. Pixels

    Report - Malsis School, Keighley - August 2017

    Malsis School, a grade II listed property, was located at a mansion known as Malsis Hall on a 13-hectare site. It was founded in 1920 ans was a co-educational independent pre-prep and preparatory school for pupils aged 3 to 13. The school closed on 10 December 2014 due to a decline in pupil...
  9. Crissisdecon

    Report - Nocton Hall and RAF Nocton Hospital - Summer 2019

    Explore: access to Nocton hall can be a bit varied, although it is not very overlooked in most parts and there doesnt really seem to be any security, the fences are well maintained and any holes are normally patched. after a bit of walking around we managed to find easy access (albeit through a...
  10. Bigsby

    Report - Malsis Hall | August 2017

    Malsis Hall in North Yorkshire was a former birding school for pupils aged 3-13 years. The school opened in 1920 and closed in 2014 due to pupil numbers. The building was originally built in 1866 with later additions made by the school. For anyone interested in the development check out this...