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pumping station

  1. V50jake

    Report - Hunger Hill Pumping Station, Derbyshire: Jan 2022

    Hunger Hill Pumping Station While visiting the Peak District for a birthday treat, I decided to knock off a few pins I've had marked for a while, one of which was Hunger Hill Pumping Station. Situated just west of Chesterfield, this old pumping station was constructed around the early 1920s...
  2. Jl.urbex

    Report - NOW GUARDED july 21 - Stanton Ironworks - Ilkeston

    For this explore, I took along my eldest son, and I met up with @FalloutShelter , I had been previously but not seen much. So eager to return, off we went. We started at the Air raid shelters and made our way round to the mould boring shop, this is where it got interesting. After finding a...
  3. Herbex

    Report - Operation Pluto Pump Station - Buckinghamshire

    This is one of the pumping stations for Operation Pluto built in 1944 to supply oil and fuel to the UK military across the Channel. I came across this site while out cycling, but only actually found one of the smaller buildings, possibly an office, and a generator room. After having a look on...
  4. typeR

    Lead or Rumour info - Unknown underground site, White Edge moor, Derbyshire

    Hi all, apologies for the vague information in advance. Yesterday, I was reading an old thread on a local forum about old nuclear bunkers located around the sheffield area. Someone in the thread mentioned that there are bunkers on the moors heading out (east) of Sheffield into the peak district...
  5. Faith Roswell

    Report - Pumping station(?) in Oxfordshire

    MORE OF A MINI-REPORT. I ended up here by accident- I was supposed to be at a quarry that got knocked down (I posted about it as "The One That Got Away") :) My friend saved the day by directing me to another abandoned site in Oxfordshire. It's completely hidden from the road and I wouldn't have...