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  1. Wastelandr

    The Welsh Asylum Gauntlet - April / Oct 2023

    Recently you might have seen my Whitchurch report. Well as promised, here's a roundup of all the Welsh asylums I did on these two trips with @KismetJ plus one in Bristol on the way back along the M4. They weren't all successes, others were the result of multiple visits and planning. This report...
  2. xjb95x

    Report - Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth - November 2020

    First post and first proper explore - hope I do this right. Went to Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth(formerly known as Brecon and Radnor Joint Counties Lunatic Asylum) today. We had driven past before but didn’t have the time to stop and have a proper look. From reading other people’s reports I was...
  3. cnhughes0

    Report - Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth - February 2020

    When I first mentioned to my friends who are involved in the urban exploring community and have been for a while, most recommendations where “go to Talgarth asylum and have a look - you’ll soon know if this is for you”. Well, that’s exactly what I did... not for long, due to being stopped by the...
  4. hiddenrose

    Report - Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth - Dec 2019

    New member first post. :D Visited Mid Wales Hospital in Talgarth this summer, lots of working CCTV and people driving past constantly but got a few pictures. Wasn't planned so sadly they're just taken on my phone but was still good fun looking around! Easily accessible but cameras point at near...
  5. LittleOwl

    Report - Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth - Feb 19

    So I know this one has been reported on to death and that there are far better images of the place on here than mine but I was adamant I was going to visit Talgarth. I won't bore you with repeated history. I'd heard some rumours about the dreaded security guard in a white van but thought...
  6. ChrisPatey

    General - Talgarth Chapel

    Hi All, I know Talgarth must be one of the most well visited sites but has anyone ever got into the Chapel? Also see the photos, at least here they can be appreciated