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Report - Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth - February 2020


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When I first mentioned to my friends who are involved in the urban exploring community and have been for a while, most recommendations where “go to Talgarth asylum and have a look - you’ll soon know if this is for you”. Well, that’s exactly what I did... not for long, due to being stopped by the famous man in a white van and his dog, who in complete honesty spoke to me quite calmly and said I could have a look around outside (fair enough, I suppose). Working CCTV around the whole of the building and he took no time at all to drive up to the asylum after me arriving.

From what I’ve found out about Talgarth, it opened in 1903 and was said to of been made in a rural area to ‘keep the mentally insane out of sight’. The asylum had its own church/grave yard, boiler room, a large hall, kitchen, a bakery, a cobbler, printing press shops and a mortuary/morgue. The asylum then closed in 1999.



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Been there today, main hospitals pretty locked up, beware of the arsehole in the white van, tries to intimidate you but he’s all mouth no trousers