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Report - Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth - Dec 2019


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Visited Mid Wales Hospital in Talgarth this summer, lots of working CCTV and people driving past constantly but got a few pictures. Wasn't planned so sadly they're just taken on my phone but was still good fun looking around! Easily accessible but cameras point at near every entrance. Signs everywhere too saying they know people want to look around as there's a lot of info online about the place, they acknowledge this and have tried to keep people out but as their attempts have failed they now don't mind if you look from the road as long as you don't enter the buildings. Most of the buildings (and there are a lot!) are still standing and not boarded up, there's even a church on the other side of the road! Spoke to a few locals who said they've really upped the security lately and often have patrols, though we didn't see any. Might not be true but was interesting to hear their take on everything. Short on time so didn't get to explore much, lots to see though and could probably have done more undetected with a bit of planning and research. Well worth a visit!

The asylum was designed to be self-sufficient and had its own private water, electricity, heating and sewerage systems as well as a considerable agricultural estate on which able-bodied patients worked to produce food for the hospital. As well as residential wards, the hospital had a large recreation and dining hall, kitchens, workshops "in which the patients [were] encouraged to spend their time profitably", a tailor, bakery, shoe-maker and printing shops as well as 8 acres of market gardens.
Following closure, the buildings and surrounding estate were sold to the former Chief Medical Officer for just £227,000. Plans were subsequently made to redevelop the site as business park, and indeed several buildings were converted and occupied by local companies as part of the Black Mountains Business Park. However, due to the site's isolated location and the global recession, the venture failed and only one or two businesses remained on the site by early 2009.








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