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Report (Permission Visit) 28 Group ROC HQ and UKWMO SHQ - Dundee - January 2015


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A fantastic job has been done here restoring this former ROC HQ and UKWMO Sector HQ back to its former glory - I'm sure you will agree with me. The bunker ceased to be operationally in 1991 and restoration begin around a decade ago - a slow and costly process when you don't have someone like English Heritage directly funding everything you do (as with York ROC HQ). If you have been to the bunker in York you will see they are pretty similar looking on the inside apart from this one had an extension built to it to include the Sector Ops Room and a few other rooms when it became the Caledonian Sector HQ for the United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation. Everyone is please encouraged to 'like' their FACEBOOK PAGEso you can see what is going on.
The amazing thing about this place is that most of the stuff actually works. Thanks to some very clever people, Teletalks are able to work in posts and communicate here. WB1401's are able to be broadcasted the Attack Warning through the Carrier Control Point. Great news for restored ROC Posts. I really should have waited till the next day before taking pictures as I was feeling pretty crappy after driving a hell of a long way, my pictures don;t do the place justice - especially not the Sector Ops Room, and they are a bit grainy. They are still waiting on installing the fire alarm in all of the building before they can open too the public. Not long to go now though.


De-contamination room on the top level.

The main stairs past the airlock and down into the bunker.

Sewage Ejector Room. The ejectors are on the level below down the ladders and are all working.

Plant Room

Switch gear for the fans.

Royal Observer Corps Ops Room, with a random BPI on the desk.

ROC Ops Room with FSM, BPI Baffle Plates and FSM Dome on the desk.

First Aid Room

Radio Room


ROC Items they have in the Mock Up ROC Post.

Post Items with some of the equipment issued to METAR Posts.

Old style Teletalk and Carrier Receiver.


Sector Ops Room (was far bigger and better than this photo actually shows :banghead )

Hope you enjoyed, please give their page a like. I was given a look around with permission and I'm sure they would be happy to show other people around if you dropped them a message.

Krpyton :)