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Report - 486L Medcom Radio Station - Italy


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Hi guys, this time I come up with a military site, a USAF Communication Command radio station part of the 486L Medcom system. Built up in the '60 and dismissed in the early '90, the Medcom allowed data and voice connection over the Mediterranean from Spain to Turkey, supported by several Troposcatter bases in Spain, Italy, Greece, sorting also data and voice on other communications systems to Germany and UK.

Over the internet you find a lot of information about this and others NATO radio systems, i paste here just a pair of links:
http://rammstein.dfmk.hu/~s200/tropo.html (a gmaps view of the Medcom) and http://www.ik4mgv.it/Medcom_Sardegna.htm an italian site about military radio system (sorry it's in Italian but u can find several pics about the Medcom)

This one is the only Medcom station still standing in Italy, the others have been demolished, another one remains active but now owned by the Italian Air Force.

What else?! The site is 1200 mt above the sea level in the middle of nowhere, at least 40 min by car from the nearest town. It consists of 5 huge antennas, barracks, operations center and a small power station.

Barracks and op. cent. are empty (with some very nice spots to shoot!) while the power station is is still intact with four Westinghouse diesel engines and control panels.


from the top of the highest antenna :D

the power station





op. cent.


the hallway to the barracks

inside the barracks


the "bedrock tavern"

Thanks for lookin', hope that u enjoy it!