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Report - A couple of GSSD sites, Germany September 2017


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Never posted here much anyway, but since there's now a national lock down thought I may as well put up a few things from the vault that I never posted here. I didn't think either of the trips were thread in their own right at the time, but these are from a trip to Germany from Summer 2017.

Flughafen Juterbog

An air base built by the Nazis, used by the Soviets until 1991 then abandoned. Visited with a friend. The site has a number of bunkers but as it was late in the day and guard dogs about, we didn't manage to find them on this trip.

Air hangers now used by local farmers.

Monument to the great patriotic war

The inside of all the barrack buildings is pretty empty, but was untrashed and atmospheric.

Traditional Russian Newspaper at any GSSD site...

Unexplained pool.....

Heeresbekleidungsamt Bernau

Formerly a factory that produced uniform for the Nazi Army, like seemingly all places in the former GDR it became a Soviet base until 1991. Visited here on my own after a long day of solo exploring, so the light was fading fast. Explored only a fraction of the place, passing by various German neds along the way. Whilst not a particularly inspiring place, the cavernous nature of the structure was something to behold.

Endless halls