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Report - Alder Hey Children's Hospital - October 2015


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Founded in 1914, Alder Hey is the largest Children's Hospital in the UK and one of the largest in Europe. A brand new hospital opened next door to replace the old buildings, and the patients were moved across on Wednesday! We didn't hang around and got over to Liverpool to have a look.

As you would imagine, there is still plenty of activity on site. Staff are busy moving out all the old stuff, and there are CCTV cameras literally everywhere! Most of the rooms are locked off from the main corridors making it difficult to get around once inside. Luckily we managed to get into the operating theatres; there are plenty of other bits that we didn't get to see during this visit, and we left the morgue for others to find ;)

Demolition will take place next year and the area will be developed into parkland. I'm looking forward to seeing more from here as the place changes over the coming months.

Visited with Proj3ct M4yh3m and MrT.

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Hell you guys were quick off the mark on this one! Proper well done to you and cracking report and pics :thumb


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What a fantastic hospital that was as with all childrens hospitals really! Quite glad you didn't see the morgue actually, not sure I'd want to see a childrens morgue personally :(

Great report though mate!

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Bet this place has seen some anguish in it's time. I hope the morgue, if and when it's found is treated with some dignity. I doubt it though.

Nice work Andy (and ProjectMayhem). Excellent pictures, and an opportunity well taken.