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Report - Angel Court, Bank, London [Spring 2016]


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The tower, designed by Fletcher Priest Architects, was originally built in 1979. At the time of our climb, renovation have begun. The reconstruction work will expand the size of existing floors. Upon completion, it will accommodate 300,000 sq ft office area and 16,000 sq ft restaurant space.

The Explore
It had been too long since I have done a rooftop. I was getting tired of crawling into tunnels, on top of spent hours researching obscure entry points. It would usually go the same routine of repeated failures before a rare success. I stepped back into the roof scene with three Instagram people, including @dus.ta who I haven’t seen since the London Wall climb. The initiate entry was quite ridiculous, as the whole perimeter was littered with cameras. We almost aborted the mission as the last guy (Anil) realised a couple of people who saw us go up. Luckily those restaurant guys shrugged it off with a laugh, and disappeared back into their cosy lounge. The crane was caged and had cameras installed every few metres, so we didn’t bother attempting it.

The rest of the view wasn’t so great except for one perspective, so here is a less electric photo for a start. The three Barbican towers can be seen in the distance.


You can see the elevator rising and falling in the Heron tower-I don’t want to ruin the photo by being pretentious, so here.


I now know why Angel court was so popular on social media. The view of the skyscraper cluster was just simply dope.



A stitched up panorama, after running through some tests on photoshop. The rest of the view was slightly disappointing, but at least this photo captures it all. Click image for a better resolution.

A final picture for snapchatters before we legged it.


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