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Report - - Barnes Hospital - 2006 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Barnes Hospital - 2006

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Me and Spook made what will probably be a last visit to Barnes yesterday. Demolition on the new parts is well underway.
The Morgue and the nurses accomodation block on that side, the left, have been flattened. The new part on the right hand side has been stripped out and partly demolished which made access to it dead easy. We accessed the old building along the tunnel from the new building but there is a part where demolition rubble has poured in through a hole in the roof and it's a bit of a worrying squeeze to get past it. It reminded me of exploring old mines.

Inside the old part it hasn't changed much, we saw the scary flying table used in the "Most Haunted" asylum spoof :eek:

Actually, access to the old part is very easy, quite a few boards have been removed. When we left we climbed out through one of these and walked right past the security hut and smiled at the guard sat 2 feet away with his back to the window watching TV. :D

Warning!!!! if you are a nervous type, scan past this first picture, you can see the flying table.;)


This was the site of the morgue.

Silently awaiting an early start on Monday.

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