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Report - Beaumaris Marine World Jul 2016


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Before I proceed I'll apologize in advance that this is far from the most exciting or interesting place in the world. In fact it has been thoroughly gutted and trashed by some delightful people over the years. I also apologize for the photo quality as all taken from my phone. I have some better photos of other location on a camera which is MIA currently.

Beaumaris Marine World was a collection of Marine aquairia on a much smaller scale than the Anglesey Sea Zoo. It closed circa 2000 and in the time since it's history and what it used to house seem to have disappeared. It is only mentioned in passing in a guide book or two on coastal walks and a fleeting mention by the cruising yachtsman back in 2001. Part of the building was originally constructed in 1908. When in operation the building was fronted by large windows and facing an enclosed pool.
Now however all that remains of what it used to house is a few flakes of painted floor. Even the sign out front has gone now.