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Report - Blackpool Tower - Mar 2011


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Blackpool Tower - March 2011

Blackpool tower climb (518ft) March 2011 - Sho and Millhouse

Blackpool Tower was opened to the public on 14 May 1894. Inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, it rises to 158m (518 ft 9 inches). The total cost for the design and construction was about £290,000. Five million bricks, 2,500 tonnes of iron and 93 tonnes of cast steel were used. The Tower is a member of the World Federation of great towers and can be seen from most places within a 30-mile (48 km) radius. At the top of the tower is a flagpole ;)


Photo from wiki

I had been following progress on the Towers refurb quite fiercely recently. It had become somewhat of a fixation for me after it was ¾ explored last summer. After a recent recce I was convinced the top was now possible and called upon fellow explorer Millhouse who knew the main structure well. We set off into the night hearts in mouths.

After meandering through the streets of Blackpool, giving various drunken people directions to nightclubs that we didn’t know we arrived at the site and used our best sneaking abilities to scale the towers base building. Reaching the tower was difficult but after some lateral thinking we were soon climbing one of the four legs of the epic structure. Scaffolding at the top allowed us to navigate the overhang, and we were soon above the observation deck and into the crows nest.


This was several vertical explores in one requiring a different approach on all levels. As we reached summit we could finally take in the amazing views, and whipped out our canons. lol





After a few snaps we took it in turns to climb the famous 518ft flagpole at the top. Being up here was amazing, Feeling the breeze, you loose perception of the altitude because there is nothing else nearby that’s even remotely high in comparison.


On our decent we able to explore the towers observation deck, scoping the lift zone and the famous walk of faith.




Getting up here was incredible! There is nothing else like it for me. Cranes and rooftops melt away. This was truly next level. Respect to the famous duo that did this for real back in 09. I am grateful for the inspiration.

Shouts to Millhouse, he got some amazing shots too.

Sorry Blackpool.. We really do respect you deep down.


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I'm so glad we did this when we did, the weather was perfect - so once we were up we settled at the top of the tower taking pictures on and around the flagpole in the crisp night air. It's an awesome feeling being up there, I'm glad to have gotten the full way up now :)

I just want to add, after seeing the tower's structure in close detail it really showed the amount of effort that went into the climb done by Stepping Lightly and Userscott previously.

A few pictures then:








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