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Report - - Boyne Engine Works Leeds, Feb 08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Boyne Engine Works Leeds, Feb 08

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The remaining admin building of the Boyne Engine works in Leeds, circa 1850's. I was hoping this would be another Birmingham Battery, so I was prepared to put the effort into getting inside, which was no easy feat I can tell you!! Once inside the compound the pikeys have made access a doddle. Inside was very decayed, the floors were terribly rotten. Nothing really remianed inside. in fact half of the building at least had been used as a kitchen to prepare meals for the board room upstairs. The huge round table was still in situ, obviously more hassle than it was worth to shift it!!


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The one find of interest was this phone. I have seen this style of telephone with push buttons many times before, but on closer inspection it looks as if it is the body of a 700 series dial phone, with the push buttons mounted on a "plug" to fill in the hole where the dial should be fitted. Is this a very early example of a push button phone?


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