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Report - Britvic soft drinks factory Norwich (September 2019)


i dont get the moaning, you all go on like its your buildings, people explore and people get caught who gives a fuck, this is the name off the game, the more high risk the more reward simple as that, there clearly not damaging nothing or stealing and if its that much off a problem then hit report and get it put in the non public forum where valuable building reports belong, everybodys entitled to document there explore and share it, thats the whole fucking point off an urban exploring site :banghead:thumb all the old buildings have been done a thousand times over and are boring as fuck now but you seem to forget they was all new at one point and had security measures put in place also after the tour bus starts to hit them, its a recurring cycle and always will be unfortunately , people are always going to push the boundaries and so they should, i did britvic over a month ago but never posted just simply because off time issues, but i will and it was a great explore so well done scottieboi and thatsnotme91amazing work :thumb positivity in the room
Thankyou bud very true honest words couldnt of put it better myself I hate all the negativity hence why I just get on with it all


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Also didn't help that whoever decided to go there left a whole load of their shitty calling cards and stickers stuck up around the place. Proper mong move.


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Used to work there the managers were shit especially the brock brothers total arseholes.my workmates there were great.


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Most of the Britvic part of the site has been repurposed yes but theres probably still 75% of the site sitting empty. Unfortunately it is quite secure for now tho.

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