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Video Report - Cala Egos Costal Defence, Mallorca - August 2016

Ben Rolfe

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Just returned from a great trip to Mallorca. Whilst I was there i noticed a small bunker hidden in the side of the rocks along the coast by the beach of Es Forti. I decided to take a trip there and check it out. Below is a video documenting my visit. Also further out the coast is a larger fort type building probably used as a primary source of costal defence so i reckon the smaller bunker was a second line of defence if some allies managed to get past the primary line of defence.

Inside the bunker there are only 2 rooms and a hallway. The first room (dark room) was probably used as a living quarters, somewhere to socialise and maybe sleep and the second room was used to probably house guns or other types of artillery.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!