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Report - Carlton Theatre, Hull March '14


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Visited with Oxygen Thief and Turkey... (yes, Turkey!)

Opened on 9th September 1928 with the silent film “Lonesome Ladiesâ€￾. The Carlton Picture Theatre in Anlaby Road was designed by the firm of Blackmore & Sykes and was built by Messrs. Greenwood and Sons. It was run by Hull Picture Playhouse Ltd.
This was a lavish suburban cinema, with an elaborate green and gold sliding dome utilising Venetian glass and housing hundreds of concealed lights. Roman marble mosaics and painted plaster panels on the walls added to the sense of occasion engendered by a trip to the flicks. A Fitton & Haley organ was installed, but this was later removed to the more central Cecil Theatre and was destroyed when that theatre was bombed during WW II.
The cinema had two entrances, one in each of the two towers on the front corners of the building. Above the proscenium was the inscription (rather inapt given how soon “talkiesâ€￾ arrived) “A Picture is a poem without wordsâ€￾. There was a single balcony and, for its date, a surprisingly large car park.
It continued unaltered (save for minor war damage) until its closure in April 1967, after which it was simply converted to bingo usage which continued as a Mecca Bingo Club until 2008.

I earned this... This was the ninth cinema I had tried in the space of a week, and I was getting somewhat tired of wandering around the outside of them! The Carlton is in pretty good order, it's a pretty large cinema to have escaped being tripled and as a result has a well preserved dome, ceiling and circle. The labyrinth of lofts and catwalks, along with 'that' window easily made up for the lack of projection room...








Nice ceiling covered up by various suspended ceilings




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That dome was ridiculously big, it looked like something out of Independence Day. Looked good from above as well.


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good stuff fellas. doesnt seem to have changed much since our visit :thumb

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