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Report - - Chambers Wharf...and again ;) - 16.09.07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Chambers Wharf...and again ;) - 16.09.07

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Visited here last night with Dweeb, Raddog and Wraith.

Really ace place! Access is provided in the form of a clowns pocket, which makes it even better!

The rooms inside are very peculiar, the true story behind them is not known.

The views from the roof are spectacular, however as ever, I was completely under-organised, and had to visit tripod-less ***NOTE***. So I simply used my wallet to steady my camera's lens. We checked out both roofs, and inside.

***NOTE*** After making our exit, and walking for 5-10 minutes I tapped my thigh, something was wallet wasnt in my pocket. Oh no, I'd left it on the roof-edge of Chambers Wharf..SHIT!. So armed with Wraiths torch, I headed back into chambers another time on my own to retrieve my wallet, thankfully it hadnt fallen off the ledge.

here's the pics...






turk ;)

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