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Report - Chester Town Hall - Feb 09

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Chester town hall was opened by the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII in 1869.

Built of red and grey sandstone in a style best described as Venetian Gothic, its main facade was symmetrical, of ten bays with a central tower. The interior included a large assembly room, a court room for the city quarter sessions, and on the first floor, reached by a fine staircase rising in an apse, a council chamber, mayoral suite, and committee room. It was opened on October 15th 1869 by the Prince of Wales (and then also Earl of Chester), later King Edward VII.

One often-mentioned feature of the town hall is that the clock tower only has a clock on three of the four sides, and that the clock face facing Wales is missing because the inhabitants of Chester "would not give the welsh the time of day" (see "Shooting the Welsh!" for am explanation). The clock is recent (1980), as plans for the inital purchase of a clock were cut for cost reasons and the discovery that the clock would require an hour of winding each day!

From me

This is not the report to end all reports. I was lost tbh, didn't know what photos to take, and the ones that I did take are nothing to shout about. Spent hours there on two trips, including a nice hours kip on the scaff waiting for the streets to empty a bit before we disembarked on the last one. Sitting in the cupola on the top, on my first solo visit, is one of the best experiences I've had yet. Spent about 3 hours up there. Just sitting watching.

Visited a couple of times, with Over & Ric.

Funny thing happened on the second trip. We're leaving, and I'm stood on the last bar of scaff before jupming down and making our escape, when the door opens, and two chaps step out. Directly underneath me, a couple of foot away max. They say thir goodbyes, for a couple of mins, one leaves, and one goes back inside. How the hell they didn't see me I don't know.

On with the pics.









Looking up inside the cupola


The cathedral over the road