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Report - Dannah House Care Home, Swindon, December 2016


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Right! 2nd report!
i managed to find this place with the help of bertie bollockbrains! was a nice little place to have a mooch around on boxing day!
HISTORY (stolen from Bertie Bollockbrains)
Dannah House was a private residential care home offering accommodation for up to 24 residents over the age of 65. The house consisted of one double and 22 single rooms, 6 of which had en-suite facilities.

The home was inspected in November 2006 by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI), with many areas scoring the lowest possible rating of “poor”. All other areas were rated the second lowest level of “adequate”. Failings included low levels of staffing, asbestos in the bedrooms, and lack of privacy for the residents. Inspectors subsequently set statutory requirements and deadlines for change. However the required improvements never came, allegedly because of lack of funds. A junior worker confessed that “there was hardly a budget to make sure residents were fed”. The centre was closed in June 2007 by court order.

A whistle-blower, speaking in 2012, said that the owner was out to make a profit, even if it meant providing below-standard levels of care. “None of the homes were interested in caring for people or paying for training and the pay barely met the minimum wage.”

The Explore
Went there with my brother and a couple of friends on boxing day as we thought it would be quiet, and we were right! its a pretty small site surrounded by houses so we thought gaining entry would be difficult... wrong!
we just walked through the front gate ;)
on entering the site you could barely see the house with the amount of overgrowth, its clear this is a place that just wants to be forgotten about
having a wonder through some of the rooms was genuinely quite eerie, but it wasn't until you got into the dining room where it got worse, old photos of the residents and families celebrating birthdays etc, just strewn across the floor. It was a sad site because despite the bad care they looked like they were having a good time! Memories just completely forgotten about!
having a look through some of the rooms was quite interesting, old paintings, clocks and medication was the main things i would come across, but i was surprised at home intact some of the rooms still were!
Tried having a look upstairs but i didn't fancy falling through the rotten floor :D
If you're in the area its not a bad little explore (if its still standing) but not worth a long trip!
anyway have some photos! (credit to my brother on these)


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What a terrible history. Poor residents. That is awful. Well done on the research and the report/photos etc. :thumb


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It's not a bad one for a mooch although I reckon it's gone way downhill by now - I took one of my favourite photos ever here, of the mouldy bed in your second shot.


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28DL Full Member
Good report with an interesting but awful background, those poor residents, sounds an absolute sh** hole even when it wasn't derelict! I love the photograph of the framed picture on the ivy covered wall, that's a great shot!

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