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Report - - Day 2 - Battery Crosby, Bunker Hill, San Francisco, California - (3/1/08) | European and International Sites |

Report - Day 2 - Battery Crosby, Bunker Hill, San Francisco, California - (3/1/08)

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Howdy all,

My second installment of the bunkers I visted on the coast of San Francisco and the surrounding area. A few days after my first bunker visit I went closer to the water to what is called battery crosby. I remember when I was younger that this used to have a massive cannon still in place but that is gone now. I hope the photos show how impresive the place is and what a commanding view it has of the approach to the Golden Gate Bridge.


The view from the top of the hill down on the battery. It is in a great location and since the park service does not monitory it that much you can get down when the sun is shining. It also means people go there to drink and leave broken bottles everywhere.


Closer in where you can see the storage area and quarters below.



Looking inside the bottom floor.


Cool shadow as the sun shines down through the window behind me


Old gun inplacements. I have a distinct memory of there being a gun here when I was younger.


Fortified opservation post with a command over the ocean


Back toward where I came from


View from the battery toward the bridge. My next trip took me to the bunkers closer to the bridge which you cannot see from this picture but are hidden by the trees and rocks.

Next one to follow soon.
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